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Does The German Are The Victim Of The World War II?

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Does the World War II, does they have morally right to claim to be victim of war?
And what do you think about the Berliner, Prussian books in the custody of the Polish Jagiellonian University, in Krakow, the oldest Polish university and one of the oldest in Europe. 
They are the Berliner collection (known as Berlinka in Poland), they were in Berlin, they were in the Lower Silasia, to keep it safe from the Allied bombing, and when the Red Army was together with the Polish First Army left it in hiding, later. Lower Silesia with former 3 rd. Reich eastern terrorism, was ceded to Poland according to the Yalta Agreement. When the provisional government of Poland began to be invented, it was kept in the Jagiellonian library. 
The Germans gently but firmly (though in my opinion brazenly) demand that the German people (as in the Nazi give what they stole from the Polish people
Update: In my opinion, it is very annoying that the Germans, depict themselves as the poor victims of World War II, the war they themselves are uncovered, in my opinion it is despicable. Take, for example, a movie like "The Woman in Berlin "about poor Germans raped by the Red Army soldiers, but no one mentions Germans the same way?

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


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"War is a horrible thing. There are neither right nor guilty on it. But there are good and bad on both sides. Only good people are usually killed first. "


B.Akunin  "Turkish gambit"


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--f-ck all politician!---

                      John Lydon

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Ребята, вы уверены, что здесь надо вести беседу по-английски?

Вы попробуйте на английским (немецком) форуме написать по-русски...


  • balthasar и Thor это нравится

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Что за хрень здесь спамят?

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